Celebrating Canada with Banana Rhubarb Date Muffins

We’ve made it half way through our week everyone! With the gorgeous forecasts we’ve been having means some local vegetables are sprouting and ready for us to enjoy! Since we are nearing Canada’s 150th Birthday, I want to dedicate this month’s blogs and recipes to Canada, pay homage to our bountiful country and the gorgeous produce we yield. First up and ready for harvest is the ever so versatile, vibrant and delicious rhubarb stalk. So keeping with the season and celebrating Canada, I made for you some Banana Rhubarb Date Muffins that will have your taste-buds rejoicing with every bite.

Did you know rhubarb is actually a vegetable, it grows reliably (maybe even a little too much) and is a hearty staple in Alberta gardens? You can harvest it starting in the Spring all the way through the summer and early months of fall, yum, rhubarb all summer long! But don’t eat or juice those leaves, they are slightly toxic! I have to be forthright, I really didn’t bother much with rhubarb until recently, I always saw it as a “stuff into pie only” kinda item, until I started to come to the realization that this hearty vegetable is so versatile, so I got innovative in the kitchen! I have created strawberry rhubarb compotes to stuff my buckwheat crepes with, devoured rhubarb infused oats, made a rhubarb dijon vinaigrette, used it as an addition to my smoothies and now I’ll share with ya all my tasty Banana Rhubarb Date Muffin recipe that turned out heavenly, it would be a shame not too share. This recipe is as easy as it gets when it comes to baking… throw all ingredients together, except that rhubarb, mix well, then fold in rhubarb and bake!  I am ecstatic to share with you a video tutorial on how easy these are, now on my Facebook account as well! I had a blast making this video, more videos to come in the near future!

These Banana Rhubarb Date Muffins are not your typical sugar and butter packed muffins, they are exceptionally better and guess what, gluten and refined sugar-free! Made with quick oats, some bananas and dates that lend a natural sweetness with the tart and fresh rhubarb that cuts through that with its tang. I love pumpkin in virtually anything… who doesn’t need the extra fiber and it makes these muffins extra moist, so I threw that in as well. With hints of cinnamon, cardamom and topped with oat flakes soaked in vanilla, need I say more? I have this obsession with baking things in mini size, I’m not sure why… they are adorable and the perfect pop in the mouth muffin, I also have the mentality, oh it’s so little, I can have another 🙂 They make for a pretty superb breakfast with fruit and yogurt, a handy on the go snack, healthy for the kids and a quick grab for those pre or post work outs on a busy day.

So thank you Alberta for the perfect rhubarb climate and an abundance of gorgeous red stalks all summer long! You will see them all over grocery stores and markets, go support your local vendor and buy a stalk or two. If you do succumb to these delectable mini Banana Rhubarb Date Muffins, I’d love to hear your feedback, snap a shot of the masterpiece and tag @apinchofnurse on Instagram or Facebook! Thank you everyone for your love and support always, much love xoxo.

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