Two Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi

How about some easy, Two Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi to kick-start the official day of Spring! I know here in Calgary the piles of snow make it undeniably difficult to believe warm weather is coming our way, but it will, don’t you worry, we will be swimming in puddles before we know it! Now, back to the gnocchi, these bright and beautiful little pillowy bites of deliciousness were actually so fun and simple to make! Gluten free and healthy gnocchi has been on my, figure out that recipe list, for a long time, but it seemed rather daunting.  After a few test batches using different flours and thinking I needed more ingredients than I did, it turned out I only needed two main ingredients, a little less force when creating the dough and a very quick boiling time, then these little sweet orange guys were made and devoured!

I was inspired to finally delve into gnocchi making after a leisurely stroll through my favorite Italian market, the hubs loves gnocchi and I always buy him some from the market for an easy dinner when I am working evenings, then I thought to myself, alright, time to make your own fresh gnocchi already! Why would I use plain old boring white potatoes either, sweet potatoes are packed with nourishing nutrients and taste 100x better. Sweet potatoes are frequently made in my house, from breakfast through dinner, it’s a must have ingredient on my counter at all times, not to mention my pup ADORES sweet potato and would eat it until she turned orange I’m sure. Then the struggle became real when I stared at all my gluten-free flour options in the pantry, gluten-free baking flour, chickpea flour, spelt flour, oat flour, the list went on, then I considered egg vs no egg… my mind finally settled and I made a few batches and the winning recipe is the one I’m about to share!

All you need for this Sweet Potato Gnocchi recipe are some medium-sized orange fleshed sweet potatoes and brown rice flour (you can get a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Brown rice Flour at Superstore for cheap!), I did throw in some freshly grated nutmeg and salt for that extra BOOM, but optional! Literally, roast the potato, mash until smooth smooth and add your flour until it creates a non sticky dough! I also want to mention I don’t have official gnocchi making tools and I made it just fine with a little creativity and remembering the latest Top Chef gnocchi hack, when a gnocchi board wasn’t available the chef used his mandolin that had a textured rippled surface to roll his gnocchi out to create those lovely grooves (which are there to mop up and hold the sauce of your choice)! Thank goodness for my Top Chef addiction and the things I learn from that show, although I did not agree with the judges choice on the finale, SPOILER ALERT, Adrienne should have won, hands down, am I right!? Anyways, if you don’t have any type of textured surface you can always use a fork to create those lines with, don’t fret.

Grating some fresh nutmeg into salted the flour before mixing in the sweet potato.


The dough ready to be cut and rolled out!

Here is how easy they are to make, this recipe made about 80 pieces!


2 medium (approx 2 1/4 cup mashed) orange fleshed sweet potatoes – roasted, peeled & mashed very well

2 1/2 cups brown rice flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour)

1/2 tsp freshly ground nutmeg

1 tsp salt

How to Make:

Easy as 1,2,3… Roast your sweet potatoes, set your oven to 400° F, prick your potato several times with a  fork and roast until they are very soft, usually 30-45 minutes is enough. Not going to lie, after a few batches I got tired of waiting for the potatoes to roast and I microwaved the potato, actually turned out great, had my cooked sweet potato within 8 minutes, worth it if you are restrained in time!

After your potato has cooled just enough to handle it, peel off the skin and put it through a potato ricer, push it through a sieve or simply mash the heck out of it with a potato masher until it is really smooth, I used a masher!

Once you have your smooth potatoes, measure out 2 cups of flour onto a clean surface, sprinkle in your salt and nutmeg, add your potato slowly to your flour and begin mixing with your hands and in time your dough will begin to form! Keep slowly adding flour until your dough is formed and no longer sticky, this is when it is ready, so the 2.5 cups of flour is give or take based on how your dough is feeling. Try not too work your dough too much, I made this mistake my first two times and they came out a bit too chewy, just mix until formed then no more kneading!

Cut your dough into 8 wedges and roll out a piece into a log approximately one inch in diameter, then cut your gnocchi into 2-3 inch pieces. Once you have them all rolled out and cut, roll them on a textured surface to create those grooves, or use a fork and press them lightly to create some indents.

Store them on a lightly floured pan, boil a large pot of salted water and add them when the water is boiling rapidly, boil 3-4 minutes or until they all start floating to the top! Strain them out and add to a lightly buttered pan, I added chopped up chives salt and pepper, they were glorious!

There you have your cute little gnocchi nuggets! They were so tasty, the sweet potato with the nutmeg is a match that can’t be beat, a little butter and chives, yum! They stored really well in the fridge for up to 3 days, make sure they are lightly floured then toss into a sealed bag. Happy Spring everyone and hopefully you get to make your own Sweet Potato Gnocchi to enjoy! Thanks for all your support, love and following, XOXO!







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